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Add Extra Visibility To Your Bike Without Needing Batteries!

We all know how dangerous it is to cycle at night. Most bicycle accidents were caused by the lack of visibility at night - even though most of these cyclists have LEDs installed on their bikes or helmets. Unfortunately, these precautionary actions are simply not enough.

Introducing RapidReflect, the perfect solution to visibility at night without expensive LEDs that require a constant change of batteries. It also combines outstanding aerodynamics with state-of-the-art reflection while being virtually weightless and indestructible.


    Multi-direction reflectivity increases your safety. It gives you a peace of mind cycling in the dark - your life is precious, stay safe & sound no matter the weather or season.
    Rotating, pulsing, and moving light grabs extra attention that increases visibility for greater safety.
    RapidReflect does not require any batteries nor maintenance, helping you save a huge chunk of money over long periods of time.
    Simply push spoke reflector on to the bicycle's spokes, no more wasting time trying to figure out how to screw in those LEDs on your bikes.
    It does not add any weight nor drag, leaving you with top-notch performance all year round.
    A unique 3D conformable film with reliable bond & dirt-repellent surface.


  • Size: 8 x 0.5 cm (L x D)(per tube)
  • Net Weight: 15 g
  • Package Weight: 25 g


  • 36 x RapidReflect
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    Joshua T.
    Worth every penny, be seen over a block away

    These spoke reflectors are insanely bright. They are much more attention grabbing than the reflective stripe on my tire sidewall or the standard plastic reflectors that typically bridge between two spokes. I knew I wanted them after seeing them on another cyclist when I was driving downtown. The rotating bright white reflection caught my eye from over a block away as the cyclist crossed in front of me. It took me awhile to find out what they were using that was so bright. The answer is these spoke reflectors, these are what impressed me. As long as the driver is looking at the road and not their phone, you will be seen.

    Cathy C.
    Fantastic! Easy, cheap, will probably save my life.

    I absolutely love these! I ride my bike in the city and quite often at night. I realized that while I was viable from the front and back via my lights, I was completely invisible on my sides. These things were cheap, easy to install, and seem like they will stay put during a ride. The reflection is equivalent to if not better than an LED. I purchased a pack of 36 per wheel and I am glad I did. I debated using one box for both wheels, but the effect an entire box has on a wheel is well worth coughing up the price of a burrito. I have round spokes, and 32 of them, so I got to keep a few extra. If I have any issues with them I'll update the review.

    Norman M.
    Great product

    I ordered these just on a whim to try them out since I don't have the legally-required reflectors or reflectorized tire on all my bikes. I'm glad I did, these are outstanding. They are extremely visible, perhaps even more so than single reflectors, and the multitude of them allows them to be installed on many bikes from one pack. Also, after seeing other reviewers cut them to multiply their number, I might do the same with a new batch (I have a lot of bikes, though still less than < n + 1).

    Frank U.
    Inexpensive way to potentially save a life.

    These work incredibly well, a must for anyone riding at night. I live in Arizona, where the only option to get a good ride during summer months is at night. I had my partner ride around the block a few times and these lit up almost unnaturally as if they had a source of energy all their own. They look great and fairly low profile, easy to install and seem well made. A word of caution: if you have bladed/aero spokes, they fall off quite easily and would not recommend. I have a set of wheels I use for training that have round spokes and they are very secure.

    Christian P.

    Bought this for safer commuting in the dark. Surprisingly reflective. Seems to be a good ratio of cost : quality : number of reflectors. German written all over the packaging except for the "Made in China" bit. Nonetheless, highly reflective (see picture with my cellphone flash) and seems high quality. My spokes are apparently thinner in diameter than average because the reflectors won't hold if placed in the middle of the spoke. However, the spokes flare at their insertion into the rim, and this small wider spot seems more than enough to hold the reflectors in place (again, see picture). Am recommending to co-workers who also bike to work in the dark.