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Practice Soccer Kit
Practice Soccer Kit
Practice Soccer Kit
Practice Soccer Kit
Practice Soccer Kit
Practice Soccer Kit
Practice Soccer Kit
Practice Soccer Kit

Practice Soccer Kit

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The Most Effective Soccer Training Kit!

Is your child tired of always having to find someone else to play soccer and not being able to play where he wants? Are you not always available and are looking for a way for your child to quickly and easily work on his shots, passes, controls, throws, and juggling?

This Practice Soccer Kit is a great self-training tool for young players of all levels and it will change the way they play soccer forever. They will push the limits of their soccer training without always having to run after the ball.

This kit is great fun, useful, and unique gift for a child who loves soccer. Children love it and can play anywhere. On a soccer pitch, in a garden, in a park, on a vacant lot, they enjoy the freedom to practice their passion anywhere by developing their skills and confidence. They will improve their shooting, passing, catching, juggling, ball control, and throwing. Young soccer players will quickly and dramatically improve their game and ball control.


  • IDEAL FOR YOUNG PLAYERS - Designed for children who love the game of soccer whatever their level.
  • PRACTICAL - Allows you to play alone even if your friends or family are not available to play and anywhere! It also avoids getting the balls lost at the neighbors'!
  • FOR SOCCER PRACTICES - Improves ball control, passing, catches, dribbling, footwork, juggling, throws, headers, volleys, set kicks, and penalty kicks. Rapidly improves individual player skills.
  • TIME-SAVING - Avoids wasting time chasing the ball and optimizes time for improvement.
  • IMPROVES SELF-ESTEEM - Develops the player's confidence while improving their soccer skills!


  • Material: Nylon Cloth
  • Waistline Size: 57-100cm



  • 1 x Practice Soccer Kit
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    Alicia T.
    Perfect for an avid soccer player!

    Holding up great to almost daily use by an avid 11-year-old boy. Lets him practice to his heart's content even by himself, but personally, I love watching him! Great to get "other foot" training.

    Jon K.
    Just what I needed.

    Just what I needed. My son has been kicking balls against the fence all summer. It bugged me more than a little, and I bet the neighbors didn't love it either. He may not have aspirations to be a champion player, but he has a LOT of energy. This lets him wander the yard and kick as much as he likes. It's also developing coordination as it's meant to.

    Pierre G.
    Great training tool.

    Fun and also develops skills at the same time. I bought it for my 9 year old son and he plays on AYSO All Stars. It really helps him train for the unpredictable nature of a flying soccer ball. And it's just fun for him so not like he is doing drills. The ball is strapped in by Velcro straps in four directions. Once it's strapped in it is not going to get out unless you pull off at least 2 of the Velcro straps. The elastic "chain" is very sturdy. The chest strap is a wetsuit material and about 4 inches wide so it doesn't hurt or tug too hard on the chest. We've had it for over a month and it isn't showing any signs of wear and tear.

    Britanny S.
    Best thing ever!!

    Bought this for my 8 year to practice with in our back yard without it flying over the fence every 5 minutes. He works on juggling, juke moves, passing, throw ins- you name it. I love this thing and I'm sure our neighbors do too now that they don't have to return our soccer ball every time he practices. He also gets more practice time with the ball since he doesn't have to chase it every time he works on something. Highly recommend!!!!

    Ericson P.
    Surprisingly fun and effective

    I took a gamble on this thing, hoping it would encourage my 9-year-old to practice more and work on his skills,...and hoping it wasn't just a cheap gimmick, 'cause honestly it looked like it could just be a gimmick. I looked it up and it has an instructional website that shows you drills to work on, so it looked pretty legit. Today, we finally got out and practiced with it, and P loved it. I told him what to look and feel for, which he, of course ignored at first, because McGahas think they know everything already, but after I left him alone, he saw I was right and started doing it and enjoying his accuracy and quickness more. It works fast, at least in our experience. The boy likes it, it's fun, and I think he'll be using it more in the future.