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Instant Nail Repair Gel
Instant Nail Repair Gel
Instant Nail Repair Gel
Instant Nail Repair Gel
Instant Nail Repair Gel
Instant Nail Repair Gel
Instant Nail Repair Gel

Instant Nail Repair Gel

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Do you have cracked or chipped nails, yet you are hesitant to cut it as you want your nails long? Worry no more as we introduce you INSTANT NAIL REPAIR GEL.

Instant Nail Repair Gel 

Instant Nail Repair Gel is an advanced instant gel solution that is specially formulated to repair cracked and chipped nails quickly and effectively. It can fill in and fix nail cracks flawlessly with just one brush and creates a clear protective layer on cracked nails to help boost nail recovery speed and prevent injuries and bacteria infection. 


It is made of eco-friendly resin and potent repairing fiber gel that is reliably strong and long-lasting. It is safe and non-toxic. It is flexible as it can fix any crack size. It is quick-drying and can guarantee to dry up in just 5 minutes.  

Instant Nail Repair Gel

Instant Nail Repair Gel

Instant Nail Repair Gel can strengthen the nails while treating them. It is effective and suitable even with nail polish, UV gel nails, acrylic nails, and more. It can be polished as well. It provides a natural finish and it is long-lasting as it can last for 45 days with proper care. It is very easy to use and does not require professional tools or wraps.

Instant Nail Repair Gel


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    Miller T.
    Best solution I've found to splitting, weak nails

    Works great! 2 coats and protects my broken, split nail from snags which are very painful. Repeated applications may be needed as it grows out -- but bottom line, it works and better than anything else I've tried. Love it!

    Nelia J.
    Five Stars


    Judy J.
    Great product...

    I had a broken nail that was almost all the way across the thumb. It was hanging on by a thread and quite far down the nail. If it had broken off it would have been very painful. This product was easy to use and saved the nail until it was well beyond the tip of my thumb. Will always have a bottle on hand.

    Pamela W.
    It really works.

    I have a nail that splits from the cuticle to the tip. I have spent a lot of money trying to find something that would work. Hooray! I found it. This is the best!

    Joanne L.
    It works

    I am a senior citizen and have two nails that constantly split. I've never been blessed with great nails but as I've gotten older the ridging and splitting has worsened. I have tried many, many so called remedies too numerous to mention. I've only used this product twice as I just recently received it. So far I am very impressed and feel like I have finally found a solution. After applying two coats my nails look thicker, the splits are no longer catching on things, and to run my finger across the top of the nails I can feel a positive improvement in the ridging. At this point I think this is finally going to be my go to product.